Katherine Vasser    


Portfolio: Sports Photographer Ergnomonics (Spring 2009)  
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Faculty Advisor: Magdy Akladios, PhD    

Sports Photographer Ergonomics


To use ergonomics assessment methods to analyze photographers’ postures to identify potential factors associated with developing repetitive strain injuries.


First broke task into elements to evaluate worker postures, frequency of movements, tools, handles and controls. Then used Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA) Tool to determine risk level. Fi made recommendations to mitigate risks.


REBA Score was a 7, which equates to a medium risk level, suggesting future action.


  • Awkward positions: knee and foot flexion
  • Contract stress on knees or elbows
  • Grasp stress on both hands
  • Stress of back, neck, and shoulders
  • Both static postures and unstable base/rapid change in posture
  • Repetitive motion of first two fingers
  • Alter handle on camera/lens to reduce wrist deviation and support heavy lens
  • Move controls so fingers can be used to support the camera and to reduce stretching
  • Provide stool or kneeling chair
  • Add arm support
  • Exercise

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