Katherine Vasser    


Portfolio: Online Statistics (2009-2010)  
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Faculty Advisor: S. Camille Peres, PhD    

Online Statistics: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study


To update Online Statistics: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study text to improve usability.


First surveyed students who used the online statistics book to learn about their experiences. Then wrote a task list and usability goals, and used them to create prototypes of the navigation (i.e. the overall structure of the website and how to move between pages) and the simulations. Next tested prototypes against current site to find issues with and advantages of each design.


Found some issues with both designs. Navigation improved with the links on the left panel, but there were still some features that were difficult to find. Also learned that simulations needed additional work to be easier to use for students. Presented results to stakeholders, passed the next design iteration to two other students, and have been assisting them as needed.


Co-wrote Using Simulations for Active Learning: The Query-First Method in Practice for International Conference on Teaching Statistics with Dr. Camille Peres and Dr. David Lane. Contributed student impressions and plans for improvement.


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